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Building your future

Your financial future is not just a question of numbers.
The person behind the figures is important for us.

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Lets find the answers together

Life is full of questions. Our Personal Financial Advisors can help you find the right answers to plan your goals and look to the future with confidence.Whatever your needs, we will always be by your side.

Make the most of your assets

With risk monitoring and investment diversification you can seize the opportunities offered by a changing market.

Protect your capital

With our insurance solutions you can protect part of your capital, without sacrificing your returns.

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Realise an ambition

We build targeted strategies to help you realise your projects calmly and soundly. Even those most ambitious.

Look to the long term

Ti aiutiamo a pianificare i tuoi investimenti per mantenere il tuo stile di vita anche in pensione e guardare sereni al futuro.

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Gestire gli imprevisti

Prevedere il futuro è impossibile. Ma noi possiamo aiutarti a far fronte anche a eventi improvvisi e imprevedibili.

Pianificare il passaggio generazionale

Ti affianchiamo per ottenere soluzioni fiscali efficienti e per progettare la trasmissione del patrimonio ai tuoi cari.

Fineco è una delle più importanti banche FinTech in Europa.
Dal 1999 investiamo in tecnologia e la mettiamo a disposizione dei nostri consulenti per offrirti soluzioni di investimento costruite davvero su misura per i tuoi bisogni.

If you are thinking about your future, talk to one of our Personal Financial Advisors

One solution, many opportunities

We will help you manage your assets and investments in a holistic way. Your Fineco advisor can take care of your financial and future well-being, helping you build a peaceful future.

Discover the Fineco difference and contact us to talk about:

  • Advice on Investments
  • Mortgages and Lombard Credit
  • Insurance solutions
  • Liquidity management

Cutting-edge advice, straightforward service

Your Personal Financial Advisor can offer you Fineco Advice– our personalised advisory service for high-wealth clients, able to satisfy many needs: from succession planning to tax efficiency.

Made to measure advice

With the help of state of the art technology, your Personal Financial Advisor can help you find investments tailor made for you, that fit you and your goals.

You can choose multi-asset products, including not only multi-brand funds, but also securities, bonds, ETFs.

Achieve your goals in 5 steps with Fineco's advanced advice services.


1. Make an appointment

Contact us to set up an introductory meeting with a Personal Financial Advisor in a Fineco Center.

2. Identify your objectives

Together with your advisor, identify your objectives, define your priorities and decide on your time frame to achieve them.

3. First Check-up

With our cutting edge software, the Personal Financial Advisor can analyse your current portfolio and evaluate its overall quality.

Risk/Return Index
Risk/Return Index
Risk/Return Index




4. Define your strategy

Your consultant will offer you a personalised investment plan, explaining the strategy, tools and the level of risk/return in detail.

5. Continuous monitoring

Your Personal Financial Advisor will constantly monitor and use real-time alerts to check how your portfolio evolves. So you can be sure you are always on the right path.

Check your objectives

Monitoring the performance of your investments compared to the defined objectives.

Quality monitoring

Checking your effective level of risk/return

Real-time alerts

Instant notification in the event of significant market changes.


When necessary, your portfolio will be periodically recalibrated.

La nostra offerta di prodotti finanziari gestiti

Fineco Asset Management è la società di gestione del risparmio di diritto irlandese, interamente partecipata da FinecoBank. Utilizzando le migliori competenze sul mercato crea prodotti di eccellenza in grado di dare più valore ai tuoi investimenti.

I fondi di Fineco Asset Management vanno ad arricchire l'ampia gamma di offerta Fineco formata da oltre 60 tra le più prestigiose società di gestione internazionali

The Fineco difference

You centre, technology at your side. This is our advice blueprint. A professional guide who listens to your goals. And intelligent technology that works with you to plan your strategy easily and cost efficiently.


Your advisor is ready to listen to your needs and find the right investment choices for you.


We have built state of the art software that constantly monitors your portfolio.


Talk to your advisor online or with our app, safely and in your own time.


No hidden costs and graphic reporting that illustrates in full detail how your investments are progressing.

An integrated vision of your equity

With a personalised approach and the support of a team of specialists, our Private Bankers can provide you with a global view of your current financial situation. Together you will build a strategy for all your needs, including:

  • Tax and equity planning
  • Pension income planning
  • Business succession planning

Discover Fineco Private Banking

Solidity you can count on

Fineco is the most used multichannel direct bank in Europe for investments and one of the most solid companies in Italy (CET1 20.46%). Over 1.2 million customers trust Fineco with their savings: with total assets of €70.9 billion, €27,5 billion in the Private Banking segment.

If you are looking for a financial solution to simplify and improve your life, contact us for advice in the strictest confidence.


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Fineco Plus: for all conditions relating to the advertised products and services, reference must be made to the Fineco Plus investment advisory contract, the information sheets and the documentation required under current regulations, available on the website and from Fineco Financial Advisors authorised for cold-calling. In providing the advisory service, the Bank neither promises nor guarantees attainment of results in terms of financial yields, and neither is it liable for any detrimental consequences arising from the subsequent and autonomous choice of the client to make investment or disinvestment choices. All products and services offered require the client to open a Fineco current account.

Fineco Advice: is a fee-based investment advisory service reserved to Fineco current account holders. It is promoted and can be purchased exclusively through the Fineco Financial Advisors network, where the terms and conditions of the service can be found. The advisory service does not in any way entail any promise or warranty regarding financial returns. Accordingly, the Bank accepts no liability for any losses of any kind borne by the client or for earnings that are lower than expected.

CORE Series: an open-end fund administrated under Luxembourg law by Fineco Asset Management DAC (an Irish company wholly owned by FinecoBank S.p.A), with an umbrella and multi-class structure, placed exclusively by FinecoBank SpA. The CORE Series investment policy takes into account only funds of high qualitative and quantitative level, with the best fund ratings assigned by the main independent agencies.
The provided information is indicative and not exhaustive with regard to the characteristics, nature and risks of the financial products mentioned and/or the related investment. In no case may it be considered an offer or solicitation to purchase funds, nor the subject of a personalized recommendation, either to persons residing in Italy or to persons residing in other jurisdictions, especially when such offer and/or promotion is not authorized in those jurisdictions and/or is against the law if addressed to such persons. This is an investment in shares of investment funds: the value of the share is variable over time and is always available on the FinecoBank website and at Past performance is not indicative of future performance. There is no guarantee of equal returns in the future.
Before subscribing, read the KIID that the investor must provide prior to subscribing and the Prospectus available on this website, at Fineco's financial advisors and at For all conditions relating to the advertised products and services, please refer to the information sheets and information documents required by current regulations, which are also available at the Bank's financial advisors. All offered products and services require the opening of a Fineco bank account.

FAM Series Funds: comparti di FAM Series UCITS ICAV (organismo di investimento collettivo del risparmio di diritto irlandese a struttura multicomparto e multiclasse), collocati in via esclusiva da FinecoBank SpA.
Le informazioni riportate hanno valore indicativo e non sono complete circa le caratteristiche, la natura e i rischi dei prodotti finanziari menzionati e/o del relativo investimento. In nessun caso possono essere considerate un'offerta o una sollecitazione all'acquisto dei fondi, ne' oggetto di raccomandazione personalizzata, nè nei confronti di persone residenti in Italia nè di persone residenti in altre giurisdizioni, a maggior ragione quando tale offerta e/o promozione non sia autorizzata in tali giurisdizioni e/o sia contra legem se rivolta alle suddette persone. Trattasi di investimento in quote di fondi comuni d'investimento: il valore della quota è variabile nel tempo ed è sempre consultabile sul sito di FinecoBank e di FAM. I rendimenti passati non sono indicativi di quelli futuri. Non vi è garanzia di ottenimento di uguali rendimenti per il futuro. Prima dell'adesione leggere il KIID che il proponente l'investimento deve consegnare prima della sottoscrizione, e il Prospetto, disponibili sui siti, e anche presso i consulenti finanziari abilitati all'offerta fuori sede di FinecoBank.

Per tutte le condizioni relative ai prodotti e servizi pubblicizzati occorre fare riferimento ai fogli informativi e alla documentazione informativa prescritta dalla normativa vigente, disponibili anche presso i consulenti finanziari della Banca. Tutti i prodotti e servizi offerti presuppongono l'apertura di un conto corrente Fineco.

Total Assets 70,9 mld €: Interim Financial Report as at September 30th, 2018 – Press Release

Versione italiana
A testimonianza dell’attenzione verso la propria Clientela, FinecoBank ha deciso d’intraprendere un’azione a favore dei Clienti danneggiati dal crollo del Ponte Morandi a Genova il 14 agosto 2018, titolari di mutui ipotecari relativi a edifici resi inagibili anche parzialmente, ovvero alla gestione di attività di natura commerciale ed economica svolta negli stessi edifici.
L’iniziativa prevede che il Cliente che si trovi in condizione di difficoltà per i danni subiti dall’immobile, ferma restando la regolarità del piano dei pagamenti, possa richiedere la sospensione del pagamento delle rate dei mutui (quote capitale e quote interesse) per 12 mesi dalla data di presentazione della richiesta.
La domanda di sospensione dovrà essere presentata entro il 15 Ottobre 2018 e dovrà essere assistita da un’autocertificazione che attesti il danno subito.
La sospensione non costituisce in alcun modo novazione del contratto di mutuo e resta ferma ogni altra modalità, patto, condizione e garanzia di cui al contratto di mutuo, con particolare riferimento alla garanzia ipotecaria.
Resta inteso che, nel periodo di sospensione, non si procederà con alcuna segnalazione di insoluto alle Banche Dati relativa alle rate sospese.
Le rate sospese inizieranno a decorrere al termine del periodo di ammortamento originariamente previsto dal finanziamento, mantenendo la loro attuale periodicità.
L’esercizio sarà gratuito e non oneroso, ovvero non saranno addebitati interessi maturati durante il periodo di sospensione.
Per maggiori informazioni nonché per richiedere la sospensione delle rate, è possibile contattare il Customer Care.