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The CORE Target fund of funds allows you gradual access to global stock markets, reducing the risk of flawed market timing. Choose the capital to invest, from a minimum of €5,000, and define the equity exposure you would like to achieve in the set period. CORE Target takes care of it.

CORE Target Allocation 25

Your investment in 2 years reaches an equity exposure of 25%. In a progressive manner and reducing its volatility thanks to a periodic entry on the markets.

CORE Target Allocation 50

Your investment in 3 years reaches an equity exposure of 50%. In a progressive manner and reducing its volatility thanks to its periodic entry into the markets.

CORE Target Allocation 100

Your investment in 4 years reaches an equity exposure of 100%. In a progressive manner and reducing its volatility thanks to its periodic entry into the markets.e riducendo la volatilità grazie ad un ingresso periodico sui mercati.

You can liquidate your investment without charges and whenever you like, even before the expected duration.

One solution, many opportunities

You do not have to worry about identifying the right time to invest because CORE Target Allocation guides you to your goal: the desired equity exposure in a defined time horizon. And you can still liquidate your investment at any time without redemption charges.

Prudent entry

The initial investment in low volatility instruments is designed to protect you from risks of market fluctuations.

Progressive equity exposure

It grows through gradual and periodic changes in the overall asset allocation of the fund.

Reduce the risk of volatility in the markets

The frequency of rebalancing allows averaging of the fluctuations in market prices.

Tax effects

The taxation applied is that of a single investment even including the periodic purchases made by the fund.

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Advertising message for promotional purposes. To view all the terms and conditions for the advertised services, please refer to the information sheet and required under current regulations. All services require the client to open a Fineco current account.

CORE Target Allocation 25 (IV), CORE Target Allocation 50 (IV), CORE Target Allocation 100 (IV): sub-funds of CORE Series, an umbrella, multi-class open-ended fund, under Luxembourg law, established by Pioneer Asset Management S.A., exclusively for Fineco customers. CORE Series investment policy considers only large, high-quality funds with the best ratings assigned by independent credit rating agencies. The information provided is indicative and not comprehensive as to the characteristics, nature and risks of the financial products mentioned and/or the related investment. On no account should it be regarded as an offer of or solicitation for the purchase of the funds, nor is it a customised recommendation, intended for persons residing in Italy or in other jurisdictions, all the more so when such offer and/or promotion is not authorised in these jurisdictions and/or is against the law if addressed to the above-mentioned persons. It is an investment in units of investment funds: the value of the units changes over time and can be checked at any time on the website of FinecoBank and of Pioneer Investments. Minimum investment: €5,000. Before accepting, please read the KIID that the investment proponent must provide before subscription, or the Prospectus, available also from the websites, and from financial advisors authorised by FinecoBank to operate off-site. FinecoBank Personal Financial Advisors are authorised to operate off-site.

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