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Plus: the innovative Fineco advisory service

More freedom, more vision, more control, more opportunity.

More freedom

Plus is the innovative Fineco advisory service.
With Plus, your Personal Financial Advisor can help you pursue your objectives by taking advantage of all the opportunities available at Fineco: not only Funds and SICAVs, but also shares, bonds, ETFs and ETCs, and at the same time offering you a global and detailed vision of your investments.

More vision

With Plus, you have complete and always up to date reports on your investments. They are illustrated with a clean design, can also be consulted on your mobile device, and combine an overview with a granulated analysis of your portfolio.

More control

Plus is perfectly integrated in your Fineco account so as to provide you with maximum control over your investments.
The portfolio is constantly monitored and you can set automatic alerts so you can quickly react to significant changes.

Summary data and portfolio performance

The control dashboard for always keeping the main data of the portfolio under advisory services monitored.

Risk/Return Ratio

It checks whether your portfolio is in line with the target MiFID, optimised for your risk profile.

Asset class

Your portfolio broken down by asset class and type of instrument

Distribution of Assets

It assesses your real exposure by geographical areas, foreign currencies and sectors.

Financial indicators

A simple and intuitive vision of the main financial indicators for assessing your portfolio.

More opportunity

With Plus, your advisor can guide you toward optimisation of your financial choices and point out the path to pursue your objectives. With Plus, you can:

  • build the asset allocation that best meets your life's goals
  • monitor your investments and rebalance them whenever necessary
  • optimise tax aspects and expenditure items
  • rationally manage emotivity in financial choices

With Plus, you always have by your side the experience of a financial advisor who constantly follows you to build an investment strategy and financial planning aimed at meeting your life's goals.

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Advertising message for promotional purposes. To view all the terms and conditions for the advertised services, please refer to the information sheet and required under current regulations. All services require the client to open a Fineco current account.

Fineco Plus: for all conditions relating to the advertised products and services, reference must be made to the Fineco Plus investment advisory contract, the information sheets and the documentation required under current regulations, available on the website and from Fineco Financial Advisors authorised for cold-calling. In providing the advisory service, the Bank neither promises nor guarantees attainment of results in terms of financial yields, and neither is it liable for any detrimental consequences arising from the subsequent and autonomous choice of the client to make investment or disinvestment choices. All products and services offered require the client to open a Fineco current account.

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