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A single account to pay, invest and manage liquidity. Now in 13 different currencies.

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Maxi Purchase and Maxi Withdrawal let you increase your card's cash withdrawal and payment limits in real time


App 4.6 stars for about 150,000 reviews


With contactless mobile payment solutions get your smartphone close to the terminal and it's done


Cardless smart withdrawal, directly from your App

Fineco. Simplifying banking

We has had only one goal since 1999: innovate the bank to make life easier for you.
We have always invested in technology, but we trust in the unique value of human relationships.
This is why we manage to offer you a unique, extraordinary and personalized banking experience, every day.

Italy Withdrawals

Free withdrawals on the BANCOMAT® circuit if higher than €99.

Smart Withdrawal

Cardless withdrawals at the UniCredit ATMs. All you need is your smartphone.

Maxi Withdrawal

Free withdrawals up to €3,000€ from all UniCredit ATMs in Italy.

Debit Card

The free contactless card for withdrawing and paying in Italy and abroad.

Self-service deposits

You deposit Cash and Cheques unassisted, at all evolved UniCredit ATMs.

Maxi Purchase

Increase your Visa Debit maximum limit up to €5,000 for one day.

Multi-currency account

Diversify your liquidity and invest in 13 global currencies, in real time.

Boundless transfers

In Italy free and unlimited. Abroad to 250 countries and in 20 different currencies.

Instant transfers

Send and receive money in real time and make payments in seconds, even from app.

Online payments

MAV, RAV, road tax, utilities, bills, taxes and duties: you can do everything online.

Online loans

Request up to €50,000 directly online, on your own.

Credit lines and Lombard

Request from €3,000 to €1,000,000 of added liquidity on your account.


Purchase, Subrogation, Liquidity and Refinancing. At fixed or floating rate.


You can request it online and receive it at home. Or transfer yours in 48h.


Reload your mobile phone at zero fees, automatically.

Google PayTM

Make purchases with your Android device quickly and securely.

Apple Pay

Pay in-store, in-app or online using your Apple device.


Order cheque books and process bank drafts at home.

Account-keeping fee


Debit Card 1


Withdrawals on the BANCOMAT° circuit (ATMs in Italy) above €99


SEPA Transfers 2


ATM Maxi Withdrawals (up to €3,000 per day) 3


Cash and cheques Deposit 3


MAV and RAV payment


SEPA Direct Debit charges


Payment of Form F24


Mobile top-ups


Chequebooks 4


Securities custody service


Automatic bonds and funds transfer


1) No fee. Home delivery for a fee (€2.25) | 2) SEPA transfers to Switzerland and the Principality of Monaco: €9.95 | 3) Service available at all UniCredit advanced ATMs | 4) €1.95 for home delivery

Multicurrency: one account, more currencies

With Multicurrency you can diversify liquidity and investments and operate in other global currencies.
With Multicurrency you can directly:

  • Receive or make transfers in foreign currency
  • Deposit salary in multiple currencies
  • Trade stock and funds on international markets
  • Make online currency exchange














The beauty of simplicity

Designed for who really uses it every day. This is why Fineco is not only simple to use, but also nice to look at.

Fineco works. Simply

We aren't the usual online bank, and neither are we the classic traditional bank. We are a big team made up of people that has had only one goal since 1999: innovate the bank to make life easier for you.

Open your account in just a few steps.

Find a Fineco Centers.

Ask a Personal Financial Advisor.

Digital when you need, personal when you want

You can do everything online or from apps, but you can also have a Personal Financial Advisor at home or at the Fineco Center.

And our Customer Care responds also on Sundays and via automated SMSs.

  • Access from website and apps 24/7
  • Over 2,500 consultants throughout Italy
  • Over 380 Fineco Centers
  • Customer care every day of the week

Contact a Personal Financial Advisor

Smart withdrawals,
self-service deposits

Withdrawals even cardless at enabled UniCredit ATMs: all you need is the Fineco app. Withdraw up to €3,000 with MaxiWithdrawal.

You can deposit cash and cheques in the evolved UniCredit ATMs cost-free.

  • Cardless withdrawals too with the Fineco app
  • MaxiWithdrawal from €750 to €3,000
  • Deposit cash and cheques on UniCredit ATMs
  • Withdrawals around the world on VISA or MasterCard

Unlimited purchases

Fineco Card Debit is the free card for making withdrawals and purchases around the world, online or in stores, without fees.

Personalise your maximum limits: up to €5,000 in a single transaction.

You can also use it contactless and with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Check out the Fineco cards

Quick and simple payments

Manage your account and investments anywhere. Set card limits by geographical areas or on specific websites online, change the maximum limit in real time and receive instant notifications on withdrawals and purchases.

Pay your bills also from the app, with a photo.

MAV, RAV, F24, road tax: pay and store online.

Domicile utilities in just a few clicks.

Reload your mobile phone online or with an SMS.

The Fineco world in an app

Access with a fingerprint or FaceID and you can keep tabs on your account, cards and investments.

multi benefits

Choose your VISA or Mastercard credit card. Also multifunction, with Credit, PagoBancomat and Bancomat® all together. Pay expenses in instalments as well with the Revolving, PagoFacile and Pay by Instalments options that you can enable online.

  • Mono or Multifunction
  • VISA or MasterCard
  • Expenses paid in instalments
  • Increase your maximum limit from the website or app

Check out the Fineco cards

Automatic budget

MoneyMap classifies, also automatically, inflows and outflows and helps you save with a personalised budget.

View your expenses on Google Maps and you see the most widely used brands at a quick glance.

  • Calculate your monthly savings
  • Group expenses in automatic categories
  • Manual or automatic expense budget
  • Brand Map and Google Map

Choose how to save on MoneyMap

Sound and secure **

Fineco is one of the most solid banks in Italy with a 17.84% CET1.

We combine the best digital technologies with dozens of manual controls to guarantee you the highest security standards.

  • "Disposable" code for instructions
  • Sophisticated automatic and "manual" controls
  • Direct line of contact with the cybercrime authorities
  • Technologies with advanced cryptography

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Satisfied customers

Millions of customers

Fineco Centers

Personal Financial Advisors

In terms of customer experience

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Vai a Fineco rewards you

Fineco rewards you

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Vai a Bring Fineco with you!

Bring Fineco with you!

Log into your account anytime from smartphone and tablet.

Advertising message for promotional purposes. To view all the terms and conditions for the advertised services, please refer to the information sheet and required under current regulations. All services require the client to open a Fineco current account.

Instant transfer the service provides for a fee equal to 0.20% of the amount transferred (min 0.85 € - max 2.95 €) The limit of daily amount accumulated for each customer of instantaneous outgoing transfers is equal to 5,000 €.
It is possible to have the service only to participating banks (consult the list).

MoneyMap is an additional service for Fineco current accounts. To view all the terms and conditions for the advertised services, please refer to the information sheets, the Rules governing the MoneyMap service and the documentation required under current regulations. All services require the client to open a Fineco current account.

Apple Pay can be used only on Fineco Cards registered to current account holders, excluding cards registered to third parties (Link card and reloadable card for third parties) and V PAY cards. It is necessary to have an enabled Apple device to use Apple Pay. For more information, visit the dedicated page on the Apple website.
Apple Pay works with iPhone 6 or later models in stores and apps and on websites; with Apple Watch in stores and apps; with iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 or later models in apps and on websites; in Safari on Mac using an iPhone 6 or later model or an Apple Watch enabled per Apple Pay. Apple Pay can be used on the Visa Mastercard circuits. Before paying, it is necessary to add the cards to the Wallet as specified on the dedicated Apple website.
Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Pay, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, Mac and Safari are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the USA and in other countries. iPad Pro is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

97% Satisfied customers. Source of data: KANTAR TNS - March 2019

** Source of data: Consolidated First Half Financial Report as at June 30, 2019

Google Pay™ is compatible with all Android smartphones, starting with version 5.0 (Lollipop) or later. To pay in stores, the smartphone must be equipped with NFC technology. You can also use Google Pay on smartwatches with Google Wear compatible OS. Your card information is not stored on the device or transmitted during payment. It is important to know that by activating Google Pay, as per the Google policy, you consent to making the data on transactions made with your payment card through Google Pay available to Google itself. For the conditions and purposes of data use please consult the Google Payments Terms of service and Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of the service provided by FinecoBank upon activation of the service. Google Pay can only be used on Fineco Cards in the name of current account holders, excluding cards in the name of third parties and V PAY cards. To use Google Pay you need an Android device with NFC technology. For further information, please consult Google Support

Multicurrency: is the integrated service in the account in order to diversify liquidity and investments and operate in other global currencies. The activation of the service is free. Instead, a spread is applied to the individual exchange rate, as indicated in the information sheets.

Renminbi that customers hold, trade or use for payments outside of mainland China are considered offshore Renminbi (CNH). ISO code CNY must be used in customers’ payment orders, transaction statements and account information. Please note that “CNH” is not registered as a code with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Therefore, it’s not used in payment services or for account information.
Check the fact sheets to see spreads applied to the exchange rate (Currency Exchange)

Maxi Withdrawals: activation of the Maxi Withdrawals on the Fineco cards with the BANCOMAT® circuit is valid until midnight of the following day. It is possible to withdraw up to a maximum of 3,000 euro per single use and 6,000 euro every 30 days. Multiple transactions may also be required to withdraw the amount selected. Available at all UniCredit branches in Italy.

Maxi Purchase: The function allows you to make purchases for up to € 5,000 with the Fineco Visa Debit EUR card. The service must first be activated and is available until midnight of the same day.

Smart Withdrawal: Withdraw at UniCredit ATMs without any card. Just need your smartphone. You can activate the Smart Withdrawal on only one device at a time.

Contracts For Difference (CFD) trading is available to clients following the assessment of their knowledge of derivative instruments and the subscription of the Derivative Trading Contract.
CFDs (Contracts for Differences): a CFD is a financial derivative, which you can buy or sell with FinecoBank as your direct counterparty. Its value is directly related to that of an underlying asset (securities, indices, currencies, futures on bonds, futures on volatility indicators and futures on commodities) and consequently follows the price movement in the underlying asset. In particular, in CFD trading your profit/loss is given by the difference in value between the opening price and the subsequent closing price of the contract. The opening price and the closing price are determined by the Bank applying, if appropriate, a mark-up or a spread on the underlying price to the extent indicated by the economic conditions at the time. CFDs are characterized by a strong leverage effect. This means that a relatively small price movement in the underlying market will have a proportionally higher impact on the value of your margined position and an unfavourable price movement may result in losses exceeding your initial margin deposit (increasing underlying price for short positions, decreasing for long positions). CFD Positions open for more than a working day (overnight) are subject to a multi-day position fee.
CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 67.89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.Before trading in CFDs, please read carefully the Key Information Documents (KIDs) available on the website: offered are differentiated according to the type of underlying and customer classification: up to 28.57 times for retail customers and up to 100 times for professional customers.For the economic conditions, features, nature and risks of the products, reference must be made to the contract supplements (delete links to contract supplements) concerning the services for receiving and transmitting orders and for executing orders on behalf of customers also by negotiating derivative financial instruments, as well as to the relevant Product Sheets and Operating Rules, available on the website

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