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PowerDesk: for serious trading

All the tools the pros use in one easy, customisable interface.

The No.1 Trading Platform in Italy

Just €19.95 per month, now free with 5 trades or €250,000 total assets.

Web trading: easy, fast, intuitive.

Responsive trading, direct from the Fineco website. Automatically updated prices, news, global indexes and interactive charts. All in real time.

Many markets, just a click away

Trade on 26 international markets, quickly and without leaving home. Maps, economic data, indexes, classifications, news, charts and a diary of financial events.

A world of products

Shares, Bonds, CFDs, Futures and Options, ETFs and ETCs, CWs and Certificates. Buy and sell thousands of financial instruments from a single account. Including with margin trading.

Complete share report

The page also shows prices, graphs, news, company information and analyst opinions. There are also many new features, such as the company's logo and statistics on Fineco client's favourite shares.

Faster, safer trading

From a single window, you can make normal, leveraged or conditional orders. At the same time, you can set up “Stop Loss” and “Take Profit” instructions for the order.

Interactive charts

View dozens of technical indicators and detailed analysis, save your research and compare shares, indexes and currencies. See company news and deals on the graph.

One book, many uses

A single, easy and compact pop-up contains an automatically updated book with 5 levels: the trading screen, the order monitor, the intraday chart, and "Alert" and "Stop Loss" functions.

Unified portfolio

Shares, bonds, funds, derivatives: a single, filterable portfolio that quickly converts into a trading platform with books, stop loss orders, company news and deals.

Order monitor

A dedicated page that can be accessed directly from your portfolio, showing an updated real-time list of all your orders, with rapid "Stop Loss" and "Take Profit" instructions.


New, customisable search filters so you can find everything you’re looking for right away: securities, completed transactions, market news.

Economic calendar

All the main economic and financial events of the day, with expected and consensus figures, and estimates on the impact on the markets.

Stock Screener

Trading has never been so easy and fast thanks to the intuitive searches and pre-set filters to operate on all markets.
Also you can easily search for securities by typing only the first few characters and choose how to view your search result.

Discover Stock Screener

Dozens of filters, divided into 5 macro categories, in order to immediately identify the securities of interest, selecting technical, fundamental, performance and sectoral data.

Predictive Search allows you to make targeted searches by typing the first few characters of the security. In addition, similar securities by sector, fundamental analysis and performance are displayed for each company.

There are two ways to display searches: through a classic and detailed list format or with the innovative Interactive Map for an overview of the results.

With Search Ideas you can explore the market in an even more intuitive way, choosing from dozens of pre-set filters such as "Silicon Valley", "Social Networks" or "Warren Buffett".

High-dividend Blue Chips

The main companies of all Stock Exchanges with dividends exceeding 4%.

High-dividend Small Caps

Medium-small companies of all Stock Exchanges with dividends exceeding 4%.

Value Shares

Companies with a certain solidity and good dividend prospects.

Growth Shares

Companies with high growth potential. The dividend is not an attraction.

Warren Buffett

Companies that offer prospects of gradual growth over time.

Contrarian Shares

Medium-large companies that have accumulated substantial Stock Exchange losses.

Star Shares

Medium-large companies with a high percentage of gains over time.

Small Cap Opportunities

Small caps, good prospects and high performance.

Southern Europe Growth

Shares of companies most exposed to the growth in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Germany, locomotive of Europe

Large German banks, insurance companies and industries with good profits.

Small rising stars

Small Italian companies with good growth prospects.

The bet on consumption

Companies of all Stock Exchanges in the clothing, food, furniture industries.

Profit comes with Health

I The big names in global pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and personal care.

Shares with QE in the engine

European companies that may be affected by the monetary stimulus of the ECB.

Switzerland, treasure chest of Europe

Banks, food, pharmaceutical, transport and luxury goods giants.

Leisure and Pleasure

Travel, holiday and recreation business.

Tech & Internet

Innovative companies: Internet, computer networks, semiconductors.

Social Network

Wall Street companies that are growing thanks to the desire to share.

Trend is your friend

Company with good performance in the last year.

The oil giants

The main oil and service companies of all Stock Exchanges.

Silicon Valley

Nasdaq: main hi-tech, research and new sector companies.

Wall Street giants

The big names of Corporate America regardless of industry.

Gold, safe haven asset par excellence

Companies engaged in the extraction of precious metals.

Inflation will return

Banks, insurance and construction companies that are less affected by inflation.

The world becomes a powder keg

Free and in euros, up to €50,000 to EU countries.

God save the Queen

Big banks, mining and oil companies in Great Britain.

Price correction

Shares with a price correction in the short term but with an upward trend.

Sky-high prices

Shares rebounding but with a negative basic trend.

Bull trend

Companies that in the short term have a technically upward trend.

Bear trend

Companies that in the short term have a technically downward trend.

Fineco mobile:
trade anytime, anywhere

With the Fineco apps and mobile site you are always connected to the markets and your portfolio.
Buy and sell securities, currencies and futures on the main markets, including with margin trading.
Everything under control, in real time.


Fineco educational

Tutto ciò che ti serve sapere per potenziare le tue strategie.


Se vuoi iniziare a fare trading, approfondire le tue conoscenze o semplicemente confrontarti con
professionisti del settore:con la formazione gratuita Fineco hai sempre a tua disposizione numerosi
Webinar online e corsi in aula.


Vai a Commodities: new opportunities

Commodities: new opportunities

Trade with CFDs with underlying commodities.

Vai a CFDs on US shares

CFDs on US shares

Over 50 CFDs with underlying shares of major US companies, also overnight.

Advertising message for promotional purposes.For all the terms and conditions related to the products and services advertised, reference should be made to the information sheet and advertising information forms and to the information documents required by the regulations in force, available in the Transparency section of the website and from the financial advisors authorised to offer products and services outside Fineco's offices. All products offered are reserved for Fineco account holders.

PowerDesk: is the Fineco professional trading platform which envisages a monthly fee of €19.95. To use it you must proceed with activation at the page of the section reserved for clients of the Bank's website. For detailed information on PowerDesk you can consult the user manual or the help tabs on the specific page in the Trading/Platforms section.

Number 1 Italian broker in the "Equity" category: Source of data: Report Assosim - 2022.

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Pubblico Avviso alla clientela dei Comuni oggetto di ordinanza (v. all'allegato n. 1 al decreto del Presidente del Consiglio dei ministri del 23 febbraio 2020).

A testimonianza dell’attenzione verso la propria Clientela, Fineco ha deciso di intraprendere un’azione a favore dei Clienti che vivono nei Comuni coinvolti dall'emergenza Coronavirus – Covid19.

Fino al 15 aprile 2020 i titolari di mutui Fineco relativi a edifici ubicati nei comuni indicati nel decreto, possono richiedere la sospensione del pagamento delle rate di mutuo fino alla cessazione dello stato di emergenza (dichiarato per un periodo di 6 mesi dalla delibera del Consiglio dei ministri del 31 gennaio 2020).
Tale misura non comporterà alcun costo aggiuntivo né l’applicazione di interessi di mora.

E’ possibile contattare il numero verde 800.52.52.52 per reperire le informazioni necessarie al fine di attivare la sospensione del pagamento delle rate con decorrenza dalla prima rata utile successiva alla richiesta.

Si precisa che la sospensione non costituisce in alcun modo novazione del contratto di mutuo e resta ferma ogni altra modalità, patto, condizione e garanzia di cui al contratto di mutuo, con particolare riferimento alla garanzia ipotecaria.Le rate sospese inizieranno a decorrere al termine del periodo di sospensione con corrispondente allungamento del piano di rimborso per una durata pari al periodo di sospensione stesso, mantenendo la loro attuale periodicità.