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Daily Options

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Le Daily Options comportano un elevato grado di rischio in quanto sono strumenti caratterizzati dall'effetto leva

Daily Options, options like you've never seen before

With Daily Options you can trade directly in Euro on the upside or downside of World Indicies, Currencies and Commodities, making the most of the daily volatility of the underlying assetss, with no commission, only spread. In addition, Market Data and Profit&Loss always in push mode.

Watch the video

Select the instrument

Choose the instrument you want to invest in, the price and chart are updated in real time.

Up or Down?

If you think the Underlying price will go up, press UP.If you think the price will fall, press DOWN.

Simple Order or Chain View?

Complete your order by choosing the Strike Price, or open the Chain to see all the available strikes.

Set up your trade with Smart P&L

Enter the price you expect will be reached by the Underlying at the end of the day and verify your theoretical profit and loss. Your profit potential has no ceiling, while your loss is limited to the premium paid.

Monitor your P&L in push mode

Once your position is open, P&L updates in push mode let you monitor it at any time of the day and maximise opportunities.

Daily Options. And your trading will be entirely different.

Daily options

Smart P&L

Full control

Close the position

With underlying CFDs on Global Indices, Commodity Futures and Cross Rates.

To simulate profits and losses and set up your trade methodically.

Profit without ceiling and controlled loss that never exceeds the margin invested.

Close the position at any time of day, by the end of the service.

Daily Options are complex instruments and involve a high degree of risk due to the leverage effect.
Customer losses cannot exceed the premiums paid.

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Advertising message for promotional purposes. To view all the terms and conditions for the advertised services, please refer to the information sheet and required under current regulations. All services require the client to open a Fineco current account.

Daily Options: derivative financial instruments – with underlying CFDs on indices, commodity futures or currency exchange issued by the Bank – tradeable directly with FinecoBank. A Daily Option call or put assigns the buyer the right but not the obligation to buy (call) or sell (put) a certain amount of the underlying at a fixed price ("strike") at the end of the day on which it was bought. In order to acquire this right, the buyer pays a sum ("premium"). If the Customer does not conclude the sale on his or her own initiative on the same day of purchase, for each Daily Option "In the money" held at the end of the day the right will be automatically executed. If at the end of the day the option is "Out of the money" or "At the money" the position will be closed automatically.
The purchase price of the Option is determined by the Bank by applying a pre-established Spread.
Daily Options are complex instruments and involve a high degree of risk due to the leverage effect. Customer losses cannot exceed the premiums paid.
Before trading Daily Options, carefully read the documents containing the key information (KIDs) that will be made available on the website.
For the economic conditions, characteristics, nature and risks of the product, refer to the contractual supplement concerning the services of receiving and transmitting orders, executing orders on behalf of customers also through the negotiation of derivative financial instruments (hereinafter referred to as "Contractual Supplement"), to the relevant Product Sheets and Operating Rules available on the website. Trading in Daily Options is reserved for Fineco customers who are qualified to operate in derivatives by completing a specific questionnaire and signing the Contractual Supplement. All products and services offered are dedicated to Fineco account holders.

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