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The simple and
trasparent account

  • No account-keeping fees. Ever
  • No-fee Fineco Card Debit
  • Integrated multicurrency account
  • ATM withdrawals at all ATMs
  • Automated deposits
  • Smartphone and tablet app
  • Smart Withdrawal without your card
the fineco account
  • Automatic deposits, 24/7

    If you need to credit cash or cheques to your account, with Fineco queues are no longer a problem. Simply find one of the more then 3,400 UniCredit advanced ATMs at your disposal and the deposit is done. Whenever you want, free of charge and automatically.

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  • Smart Withdrawal

    Smart Withdrawal is a free service that allows you to withdraw cash without using a payment card. All you need is your smartphone. The service is only available via the Fineco app for iPhones and Android smartphones.


  • Give shape to your desires

    Whether to meet the needs of the entire family, for small whims or to achieve the major projects of life, we have the right solution for you. You can ask for up to 30,000 euros directly online with repayment in 7 years.

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  • Support 7 days a week

    More than 200 operators at your disposal to provide fast support. Even on Saturdays and Sundays, from 9 am to 8 pm. If you call us, on average you will wait only 14 seconds. And we answer 62% of emails on the same day. At Fineco, we really solve those problems.

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  • Fineco in an app

    With our mobile apps, it’s easier than ever to keep Fineco always by your side. Transfers, top-ups, balances and statements, investments, stock market orders, and many more services. All updated in real time, with maximum security and no extra costs.

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The right place to invest

  • Advanced financial advice
  • The best investment funds
  • Corporate governative bonds
  • €19 max. for online securities purchases
  • No fees on custodian services
  • Over 300 Fineco Centers throughout Italy
  • Automatic bonds and bank trasfer
invest with fineco
  • Over 2,600 Personal Financial Advisors

    They listen to you carefully, know your values, analyse your expectations and your investment needs. Then they propose the most appropriate answers and guide you in the construction of your portfolio with made-to measure investment, unbiased advice and access to unique products.

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  • Advice: cutting-edge advisory services

    Advice is not all the same. Our Personal Financial Advisors select the best products on the market for you and, with Fineco Advice, build a personalized investment plan. Without any constraints in terms of choice, methodically, transparently and in total freedom.

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  • STARS: diversification and flexibility

    The new advisory service based on selected investment proposals in terms of quality and performance, continuous analysis, dedicated reporting and constant interaction with the advisor. And to start requires just 10,000 euros of investment.

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  • Core Series: Quality above all

    With Core Series nothing but the best: funds of funds that encompass the quality, experience and most sophisticated technology of the best managers on the market. Core Series in fact selects only high quality funds with the best ratings.

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Since 2004
No. 1 in Trading

  • 26 worldwide markets in real time
  • CFD, Indexes and US shares at no fees
  • Forex, Futures & Options
  • Italy at just €2.95 per execution
  • Three multifunctional platforms
  • All the tools the professionals use
the no. 1 in trading
  • Now you can do serious trading

    Revolutionize your trading with PowerDesk: a trading room in your own home. One easy, customisable interface: all push markets, margin-setting, CFDs, automatic orders, trading charts, spread view, news and much more.

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  • Explore the markets with Stock Screener

    Selecting the most interesting bonds for your trading has never been so easy and fast.
    With the new Stock Screener you get many filters divided into 5 macro categories and Search Ideas to explore the market choosing between tons of preselected searches.

    Discover Stock Screener

  • No. 1 in trading

    Choose Fineco for your trading: 26 international stock markets and more than 50 currency exchanges, real-time quotations, book in push, interactive charts and customizable lists. In addition to long and short intraday and multiday margin-setting and all the tools for professional trading.

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Market leader since 2004.  Source: ASSOSIM - "Periodic annual reports from 2004 to the present day on the trading data of Assosim members regarding markets managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A., markets managed by Euro TLX SIM SpA" - Third-party account operations data. Max €19: you pay a maximum of €19 per online trade executed, (excludes the Spanish, British and Swiss stock markets and the French, Dutch and Portuguese bond markets). This can fall to as low as €2.95 if you are on our step-decrease plan. Europe's most popular direct banking platform: Fineco is the leading European broker by number of orders executed in 2016. Source: 2016 financial statements of the main European brokers (Comdirect, ConsorsBank). Fineco Card Debit: shipping charges of € 2.25.

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