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Right of Withdrawal

1. Cancelling this Agreement

1.1. For 14 days from the date on which this Agreement becomes binding on you in accordance with Clause 2.1 (a) of the Terms of Business, you have the right to cancel this Agreement without incurring any penalties or giving any reasons, by giving the Bank notice by Internet Banking.

1.2. If you exercise your right to cancel this Agreement:

(a) the Agreement will be terminated and Clause 18 of the Terms of Business will apply; and (b) you will only be charged for those Services that the Bank has provided you with in accordance with the Agreement.

1.3. The cancellation right does not apply to Investment Services:

(a) relating to Financial Instruments whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market outside the Bank’s control, such as: i. foreign exchange; ii. money market instruments; iii. transferable securities; iv. units in collective investment undertakings; v. financial-futures contracts, including equivalent cash-settled instruments; vi. forward interest-rate agreements; vii. interest-rate, currency and equity swaps; or viii. options to acquire or dispose of any instruments referred to above including cash-settled instruments and options on currency and on interest rates. (b) Whose performance has been fully completed by both you and the Bank at your express request before you exercise your right to cancel. For further information refer to the general Terms of Business.