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A single multicurrency account

Your banking, simplified. All your financial assets in one place.

  • A free multicurrency account 2
  • One single account for banking, trading and investing
  • Debit cards in both GBP and EUR
  • No currency conversion fees for paying or withdrawing in Euro

EURO Direct Debits

Set up fast, easy direct debit mandate in euros within the European area for free and pay service providers in Europe for utilities, healthcare, loan repayments, school fees and much more. Directly in Euros and wherever you are.

For a life without borders

Travel easily, with Fineco you can access banking services everywhere directly in Euro.

Pay bills in Europe like a local

Speed up your recurrent European payments, with no fees.

Transfer money instantly

Transfer Euros in real time sidestepping conversion fees.

Eur Debit Card

No currency conversion fees when paying and withdrawing with your Eur card.

One account.
More currencies.

Hold GBP, EUR, CHF, USD, CAD, JPY, TRY, AUD, MXN, RUB, ZAR, SEK or CNY11 in one account with no monthly fees. Experience seamless conversion at the true exchange rate, with zero admin, conversion or transfer fees.

Fineco Visa Debit Card

Accepted anywhere in the world with a Visa symbol. You can even use euros or pounds.

Big ticket MaxiPurchases

MaxiPurchases for payments of up to £10,0009.

Free payments in Europe

No currency conversion fees when paying and
withdrawing in Euro using your EUR Card.

Accessible Financial Management

Full control of your spending with our automated MoneyMap service.

Use Apple Pay for your purchases

With Apple Pay and Fineco making purchases and paying with your card is practical and quick.

Pay with Google PayTM

Pay directly with your Android smartphone with Google Pay and Fineco. It's quick, easy and secure.

One Visa Debit card in EUR and GBP

Get your debit card in GBP or EUR, or both.

  • Access free withdrawals anywhere in Europe4
  • Pay no exchange fees when using the EUR Card*
  • Use your card globally, in shops and online
  • Fast contactless payments up to £3010
  • Pay no annual fees on your first card2

* Withdrawals and purchases online and in shops are debited from your EUR account when using your EUR debit card. So, you’ll pay no currency exchange costs.

Unexpected outgoings?

Raise your card's limits in real time5 and withdraw up to £5,000 at a time, or make large purchases up to £10,000.

Controlled spending

Set usage limits in each country with our easy-to-use geo-blocking tool.

Personalised budgeting

Automatically group your income and spending in fixed, personalised categories. Set a monthly budget, check out suggested money-saving tips, and never go over your limit thanks to handy notifications.

Freedom from your phone

Use just one mobile app for all your online banking, trading and investment services.

  • Access overviews of your account, cards and investments
  • Trading with real-time prices and charts
  • Fingerprint access and push notifications
  • Payments and bank transfers
  • And manage your card spending limits

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You're in safe hands

Fineco is one of the most secure banks on the market8 with a 22.90% capital ratio.

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This advertising message is for promotional purposes only. To view all the terms and conditions for the advertised services, please refer to the fact sheets and documentation required under current regulations. All services require the client to open a Fineco current account.

1CFD are excluded from the offer of 100 commission-free trades.

2No monthly account management fees for the first card for each account holder; £9.95 annual fee for the second card; £2.95 card shipping cost.

4See the fact sheets for further details.

5The ATM provider may charge additional withdrawal fees and exchange fees. Fineco will not charge any fees for transactions or withdrawals made in the currency of your card. With Fineco’s EUR Visa Debit Card, your EUR purchases , both in shops and online, and withdrawals are debited directly on your EUR account, so you have no exchange rate commissions.A small number of ATM providers may charge a transaction fee but they should tell you about this onscreen before you commit to any transaction.

6No annual fees for the first card for each account holder; £9.95 annual fee for the second card; £2.95 card shipping cost.

7Cash withdrawals up to £5,000 at a time


3 No. 1 Bank in Europe for online trading (for Executed orders) / The most used platform in Europe – Source: Main European brokers balance sheets 2016 (Comdirect, ConsorsBank).

* Best Digital Bank in Italy – Source: Global Finance Award, financial magazine – 2016.

* World Finance 100 Award – Source: The international magazine World Finance 100 positioned Fineco amongst the top 100 corporations of 2015, from a selection of 17 banks at a global level.

* The most recommended bank – Source: The Boston consulting Group “What really shapes the Customer Experience” Research 2015

8 One of the most solid bank on the market - Source: 22.9% CET1 transitional, FinecoBank Financial results as of December 31, 2016

9 €10,000 with Fineco Visa Debit EUR.

10 With the Fineco Visa Debit EUR card, the limit is €25.

11 Renminbi that customers hold, trade or use for payments outside of mainland China are considered offshore Renminbi (CNH). ISO code CNY must be used in customers’ payment orders, transaction statements and account information. Please note that “CNH” is not registered as a code with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Therefore, it’s not used in payment services or for account information. Check the fact sheets to see spreads applied to the exchange rate (Currency Exchange).

Annual report 2016 – CET1:

  • FinecoBank: 22.9%
  • Barclays plc: 12.4%
  • Lloyds Banking Group plc: 13.8%
  • HSBC holding: 13.6%
  • Standard Chartered Bank: 13.6%

Google Pay™ is compatible with all Android smartphones, starting with version 5.0 (Lollipop) or later. To pay in stores, the smartphone must be equipped with NFC technology. You can also use Google Pay on smartwatches with Google Wear compatible OS. Your card information is not stored on the device or transmitted during payment. It is important to know that by activating Google Pay, as per the Google policy, you consent to making the data on transactions made with your payment card through Google Pay available to Google itself. For the conditions and purposes of data use please consult the Google Payments Terms of service and Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of the service provided by FinecoBank upon activation of the service. Google Pay can only be used on Fineco Cards in the name of current account holders, excluding cards in the name of third parties and V PAY cards. To use Google Pay you need an Android device with NFC technology. For further information, please consult Google Support

Fitbit Pay. All products and services offered are dedicated to Fineco account.
*Available on Fitbit Versa 2, Versa Special Edition, Ionic and Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition. Fitbit Pay can only be used with authorised merchants. You can find the updated list of devices that support the service on the Fitbit website:

Garmin Pay. All products and services offered are dedicated to Fineco account.
* For the list of on Garmin wrist-worn devices indicated please visit
Check availability of transit systems on page

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