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Fineco + Garmin Pay

Payments to your own rhythm.

It’s all on the wrist! Thanks to Fineco and Garmin Pay. So you can leave the house without any worries. Or a wallet. Or a smartphone. Or even cash.

Whether you’re working out, in the office, or shopping, your Garmin smartwatch gives you practical, fast payments.

How to link your Fineco card to Garmin Pay

Follow these simple steps to link your Fineco card to Garmin Pay for contactless speed payments:

  1. Download and open the latest version of the Garmin. Connect app on your iOS or Android smartphone. Connect your compatible Garmin smartwatch via Bluetooth.
  2. Open the wallet section of the Garmin Connect app. Set the security passcode you’ll need to confirm payments.
  3. Follow the instructions to link your Fineco card.

Once you’ve completed these steps you won’t need a card, cash or phone to make Garmin Pay purchases.

It couldn’t be easier!

Wearable, contactless card payments

With Garmin Pay, payments are faster than ever. Keeping pace with your busy life, you can make payments in a few simple steps:

  1. Enter your security code
  2. Select the card you want to use from your smartwatch
  3. Hold your Garmin watch near the contactless reader

Use your Fineco card with Garmin Pay at all contactless readers, and on the world’s main transport systems.

Revolutionise the way you pay

Pay and shop securely with Garmin Pay and Fineco. Simply look for contactless payment points displaying the logo:

All transactions are confidential and your personal information is always protected. When you make a purchase, Garmin Pay will use a card number and transaction code specific to your smartwatch.

Plus, the full number of your card is never stored on your device, on the Garmin server or disclosed to merchants.

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