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FinecoBank is a systematic internaliser (SI) for orders related to certain equity securities and certain OTC derivatives - in this case Contracts For Differences - CFDs - (see List below) and has consequently updated its Execution Policy. For each of these instruments, the Bank publishes:

a) Its bid and ask prices (pre-trade information) in the public area of the website.
The prices, updated every minute, may therefore be seen by all.
The reserved area of the website (markets section) shows the prices updated in real time which are available for all Bank customers through a simple online request.

b) The data concerning the contracts concluded on the SI over the last 2 days (post-trade information)


Should there be a "systemic and/or technical error" while carrying out the orders placed by its customers, the Bank reserves the right to implement corrective actions. Specifically, it will be able to:

Isin Type of instruments Descriprion Bid quantity Bid price (*) Ask price (*) Ask quantity Time

For CFDs in Logos Time the listed price is unique because it corresponds to the average value (arithmetic mean) of the Bid and Ask prices listed for the underlying instrument on the relevant market.
Details on executed orders