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A simple guide to start investing

Taking the first steps on your investment journey or re-evaluating how your money is put to work, you should first decide on your financial goals.

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Brexit: when the predicted things didn’t happen today

The consensus outlook for the UK’s post-referendum economic prospects turned out to have been far too pessimistic.


Long-term investing: take your time in 6 points

Unless your investment horizon is only short term, taking a longer-term approach can help you achieve your goals.


Brexit: diversification is the key

For British investors, the past few years have ably demonstrated the risks that can accompany focusing your investments too narrowly.


Master your money with minimal effort

People who say they never think about money are probably – almost definitely – lying.


So you’re thinking of banking with Fineco?

The world is smaller than ever before. For many, today is about looking beyond borders to make the most of life’s opportunities.


Keep calm, and Brexit proof your finances

The big, bad B-word. The Great British divider. Yes, Brexit. Here are five steps we recommend.

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