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most-used trading platform2

  • PowerDesk – Professional trading platform
  • Fineco app – Banking, trading and investing on the go
  • Stock Screener – Intuitive tool to explore the markets

All accessible from the comfort of your own home, desktop or mobile.


PowerDesk, the choice of serious traders

A customisable work station, with real time prices, advanced charts and professional features.

Live prices

Thousands of securities with real time prices from 17 markets.


Advanced order options and chart trading.


Build and save your personalised work station.


No installation required: Trade from any browser.

PowerDesk: One screen, all the trading tools you need

Professional tools in one easy, customisable interface with automatically updated market and news, CFDs, personalised dashboards, automated orders and chart trading.

A personalised work station

Create and save your personalised work station. The main components of the platform can be segregated and other panels can be added or duplicated, depending on your personal preferences.

Charting - Personalised to your requirements

Timeframes from 1 minute up to 30 years, visibility of up to 6 charts in a single window and over 90 technical analysis indicators at your disposal.

Charting - Chart order

The Fineco charting package allows you to place your trade orders in real-time directly from the charting panel of your chosen markets.

Charting - Multicharts

You have the option to study up to 6 different charts, all in one window. Charts can be personalised to your trading requirements.

Charting - Further features

Compare and Point & Figure functions, ability to export historical data and the option to save your personalised analyses and strategies directly on to your PC.

Advanced Orders

Benefit from a range of order options to best fit your trading strategies: Stop Losses & Take Profit, Trailing Profit, Correlated, Contingent, OCO and Basket orders.

Markets at your fingertips

Explore the markets and have comprehensive data at your disposal for each instrument.

You have a detailed listing for each instrument with real time prices, maps, economic data, news, financial tweets and charts.

Portfolio and Orders

Monitor your trading with Fineco’s order books.

Place your trade orders with multiple options and get an easy overview of all the market orders for your chosen stock.

Interactive charts

Customisable charts, with numerous indicators and functions.

Operate directly from our fully customisable charts, with over 90 technical analysis indicators and functions and historical data export.

Web trading platform

Simple and fast, with a set of trading features for both beginners and experienced traders and investors.

All of your assets in a single screen, sorted by type. Moreover, real time prices on 26 markets, latest news & financial tweets, interactive charts, portfolio and orders, all at a glance.


A comprehensive and detailed overview of different securities.

Detailed security description and reports at your disposal.
With the Fineco consensus tool you have access to expert analysts’ views.

Order entry

Simple, intuitive and fast order form.

Select the option you want and use margin trading and optional stop losses and take profit to manage your portfolio.


Use the order monitor to quickly track and modify live orders.

The Fineco trade monitor gives you a simple overview to all of your trades and orders, allowing you to easily manage your trading.

Reports and account management

Several ways to analyse your portfolio, helping you make strategic trading decisions.

Your portfolio profit & loss and your reports are shown in Sterling, which have been converted at the current exchange rate.

Economic events

The most important events and real time information to help you make the best trading decisions.

Real time financial calendar showing the most relevant economic events across the global markets.

Financial Tweets

Real time updates from selected and certified financial sources

Stay updated with numerous tweets about individual instruments and filter the content based on your preferences.


Intuitive searches and pre-set filters help you operate across all markets.

Operate directly from the chart and find trading ideas with the interactive map, predictive search, over 90 technical analysis indicators and historical data.

Search Ideas

A multitude of options and parameters to help you research your chosen trade ideas.

With Search Ideas you can explore the markets in an even more intuitive way, choosing from numerous pre-set filters.

Fineco App: Mobile trading

Simple and fast, with a set of trading features for both beginners and experienced investors.

With Fineco’s mobile apps it’s easy to stay connected to markets and your portfolio: You can easily buy and sell securities, currencies and futures on the main markets.

Fineco App: Mobile banking

Control and manage all of your banking needs on the move.

Access your account securely and control your payments, direct debits, transfers, credit cards or any other banking options.

Intuitive Stock Screener

Use filters, multiple parameters and visual maps to quickly select your preferred stocks.

Explore the markets with ease using the intuitive search option. You can also easily find securities by typing in just the first few letters.

Multiple filters to quickly select the activity sector, technical parameters, fundamental data and performance information.

Predictive Search allows to make targeted searches by typing the first characters of the security. Similar securities by sector, fundamental analysis and performance are displayed for each company.

There are two ways to display searches: Through a classic and detailed list format or with the innovative Interactive Map for an overview of the results.

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This advertising message is for promotional purposes only. To view all the terms and conditions for the advertised services, please refer to the fact sheets and documentation required under current regulations. All services require the client to open a Fineco current account.

1 CFD are excluded from the offer of 100 commission-free trades.

Contracts For Difference (CFD) trading is available to clients following the assessment of their knowledge of derivative instruments and the subscription of the Derivative Trading Contract.
CFDs (Contracts for Differences): a CFD is a financial derivative, which you can buy or sell with FinecoBank as your direct counterparty. Its value is directly related to that of an underlying asset (securities, indices, currencies, futures on bonds, futures on volatility indicators and futures on commodities) and consequently follows the price movement in the underlying asset. In particular, in CFD trading your profit/loss is given by the difference in value between the opening price and the subsequent closing price of the contract. The opening price and the closing price are determined by the Bank applying, if appropriate, a mark-up or a spread on the underlying price to the extent indicated by the economic conditions at the time. CFDs are characterized by a strong leverage effect. This means that a relatively small price movement in the underlying market will have a proportionally higher impact on the value of your margined position and an unfavourable price movement may result in losses exceeding your initial margin deposit (increasing underlying price for short positions, decreasing for long positions). CFD Positions open for more than a working day (overnight) are subject to a multi-day position fee.
CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 63.13% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
Before trading CFDs, please read carefully the Key Information Documents (KIDs) available on the website

2 No. 1 Bank in Europe for online trading (for Executed orders) / The most used platform in Europe – Source: Main European brokers balance sheets 2016 (Comdirect, ConsorsBank).

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